A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there was a little alien called Moon. Moon lived on a small and cold planet, but everyone who lived there had very warm hearts. Whenever they met new friends, they would hug them and share the warmth.

Moon really liked to meet new and different friends to play with; his favorite game was peek-a-boo. One day he decided to fly off in his space-ship and look for friends on other planets.

First he landed on a planet where all the creatures were very angry. Moon thought to himself that if he stayed there too long he would get angry too, so he continued his journey.

Next he came to a planet where all the creatures were constantly farting. Moon thought to himself that he would start to smell bad if he stayed there for too long, so again he took off to look for a nice planet.

This time he landed on earth, and when he looked around, he saw all kinds of people, some were happy, some were sad, some were farting and some were glad. “Here I’m going to look for a friend.” Moon said to himself.

When you meet him, hug him tight and you will feel the warmth he’ll give you. To return the friendship you can play with him. Remember, he loves to play peek-a-boo.

-A collaboration with Maria Marcovic


Om Jessica Arosenius

Designer with a bachelor degree (BFA) in Sustainable Design and a master degree (MFA) in Child Culture Design.


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